2021 Sponsoring Organizations  


Our company was founded in 1979 to discover the best ideas in health care, because great ideas have the power to transform industries. For over four decades, we have continuously honed our research process to identify the top challenges that health care leaders are facing, and provide provocative insights, actionable strategies, and practical tools to support execution. To learn visit https://www.advisory.com.

CyberGrants for Life Sciences automates your medical and charitable grant programs to simplify complex processes, optimize investments and minimize regulatory risk. Our single solution streamlines granting across various programs including managed access, IIRs, and IME. For more information visit https://impact.cybergrants.com.

Komodo Health believes that smarter, more innovative use of data and analytics is essential for reducing disease burden. We apply advanced data science techniques to our first-of-its-kind Healthcare Map™, which tracks the unique patient journeys of over 325 million patients. Using our cloud-based platform and application suite, we empower a multitude of healthcare stakeholders – life science companies, healthcare payers and providers, patient advocacy groups, and others – to create a more cost-effective, value-driven healthcare system.  For more information visit https://www.komodohealth.com.

Within3 invented a better way for life sciences companies to have conversations with the people who matter most—from doctors to patients to payers, and more. Our virtual engagement platform gives stakeholders the freedom to communicate anytime, anywhere, on any device. With tools for meaningful discussions and a dedicated client success team on every project, most Within3 projects achieve 100% stakeholder participation. To learn more and request a demo, visit www.within3.com.


Acceleration Point provides management consulting, operational support, and technical solutions to help maximize the impact of medical affairs.  Acceleration Point’s suite of technology includes the first KOL & DOL Social Monitoring platforms built specifically for medical affairs to help you generate insights, engage differently, and to identify new digital opinion leaders. To learn more visit https://accelerationpoint.com.

The H1 Platform features the world’s largest healthcare database with more than 10M HCPs and 16K Healthcare Organizations, 160 million peer-reviewed publications, 350,000 clinical trials, 2 billion procedures, 3 billion diagnoses, and 700 medical societies, all updated frequently. To learn more visit https://www.h1.co/.

Monocl empowers life science professionals with the complete global expert solution designed to drive impactful outreach and strategic engagement. Our cloud-based expert platform - powered by machine learning -continuously analyzes an unrivaled amount of data across all therapeutic areas and regions, providing invaluable context and actionable insights. To learn more visit https://www.definitivehc.com/monocl.


Scientific Commercialization (SC), a division of The CM Group, is a specialized management consulting and business intelligence firm that helps leaders and their organizations optimize performance to achieve measurable, sustainable results. Our life science practice helps pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic companies leverage science to maximize patient success. To learn more visit http://www.scientificcommercialization.com.


The Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA) was founded in 2015 with the mission to raise the bar for pharmaceutical industry professionals with a particular focus on Medical Affairs and Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs). The ACMA actively encourages the pharmaceutical industry to require all medical affairs team members to be credentialed and certified. The ACMA focuses on delivering value and helping others achieve their goals and dreams. We believe in challenging the status quo and questioning the way things have been done in an effort to continually improve the life sciences industry. For more information, visit: https://www.medicalaffairsspecialist.org/ 

The Carolan Group is a specialized Medical Affairs Executive Search firm dedicated to the recruitment and staffing of advanced degree industry professionals including Medical Science Liaisons, Field Medical Directors, MSL Managers and Medical Affairs leadership. Our experienced team of recruitment professionals has a passion for quality that produces strategic and timely results. We have extensive experience in the areas of retained and contingency search, multiple hire expansion projects and outsourced recruitment. For over 19 years, we have successfully built specialized MSL teams for a variety of clients ranging from small biotech to large pharmaceutical firms. For more details, please visit us at www.MSLrecruiter.com

Manage the highly-regulated process of evaluating, approving, tracking and reporting on Medical Affairs Programs in a secure and compliant manner. For more information visit: https://www.anaqua.com/ideapoint.

Unique Service in Europe: We measurably Improve the Efficiency of the Clinical Trials by helping Clinical Stage Biotech Companies to Enhance and Expedite Enrolment of Patients.  

  • Clinical Sites Selection & Feasibility
  • Patients’ Recruitment
  • Virtual Investigator Platform
  • Virtual Steering Committee Meetings

MphaR innovative solution - Investigator Science Liaisons (ISLs) are an on-site team to ensure the flow of timely recruited patients. Deep scientific credibility & support as they speak one language with investigators. MphaR helps to get a competitive strength in an overcrowded landscape of clinical trials. For more information visit https://m-phar.com.